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Phone Number: 210-9839882



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4 € General Admission
3 € reduced (Alimos Citizens, students, students, over 65, disabled)

” NIGHTS WITH MOON”… in the presence of a COVID!

Here we are again, after the outbreak of the pandemic,

We should reopen our summer cinema.


Even with 40% occupancy, even with distances,

and this year the big screen guarantees night magic and summer

Daydream. And we really need daydreaming.

this summer, after insecurity and restrictions

that suddenly brought to our lives the appearance of the virus.

We’re adjusting, of course. Thus, the new conditions

impose changes. For obvious reasons we won’t have this

children’s movies season. Also, there will only be one daily view

at 21:15. In addition Monday’s film, which

will be shown once and for free, there will be two more

films within the week to be shown each one for

three days, so that everyone can see it,

since entry will be allowed for a specific number of


I would like to ask you all to respect the new

conditions and to observe the measures responsibly.

So we can enjoy the “moon nights

in the summer movies”…


Have a nice summer!


Andreas Kondylis


Mayor of Alimos