Address: 25 Aristotelous & Grigoriou Afxentiou
Tel.: 210-9886947 & 210-9886950
E-mail: kentro.koin@alimos.gr



What is a Community Center?

The structure of the Community Center, in the context of the call of the RBP 2014-2020 for co-financing by the NDC, was implemented in the Municipality of Alimos in March 2017. It provides support to its residents as well as to the residents of the relevant Municipalities, through the provision of a comprehensive grid services aimed at combating poverty, social exclusion and all forms of discrimination, as well as promoting employment.

It is the first point of contact of the citizen with the social service of each Municipality. From there the citizen is informed about all the benefits they are entitled to, all the institutions, services and programs that provide him with social care of any kind, at the level of Municipality, Region or territory.

All residents of the area who face a social problem themselves or their family members (unemployment, financial incapacity, homelessness, living problems due to disability or old age) and need the assistance of the State can apply.

At the same time, counseling services are provided on issues such as approaching the local market to find work, creating opportunities for young people to start their professional lives, problems of domestic violence or family disputes, legal issues, learning support for children and adolescents, organizing local events with educational, informative and social content.



The Community Center provides services that are indicative of:

Reception – Information – Psychosocial Support – Social Inclusion of Citizens

  • Informing and referring citizens to the available social programs as well as support for their inclusion in them..
  • Interconnection and referral of beneficiaries to services, bodies related to the field of employment, education, primary health, etc.
  • Implementation of the K.E.A. program and TEVA, as well as assistance for welfare requests.
  • Counseling and Psychosocial Support to individuals and families with the aim of empowering them and reintegrating them into society.

Cooperation with Services and Structures

  • Cooperation and referral of requests to other structures and services provided within the geographical boundaries of the area of operation of the “Community Center”, e.g. Social Hostels for the Homeless, Hostels for Abused Women and Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings, Social Tutoring, Mental Health Structures, Structures for the Disabled, Nurseries and Kindergartens, Programs for the Elderly, Programs for Roma, Programs, etc.
  • Cooperation and referral of requests: a) to employment services (eg OAED) for the integration of the beneficiaries in training programs, employment actions, training seminars as well as of course in jobs b) to bodies responsible for the implementation of programs of the General Secretariat Lifelong Learning and Youth.
  • Cooperation with OPEKA regarding welfare benefits and benefits for uninsured elderly people.
  • Cooperation with the local labor market with the aim of integrating the unemployed. The aim is to develop contacts and regular communication with representative bodies of employers and employees (eg Chambers, unions and federations of employees, business associations or business groups, etc.). The K.K. cooperate mainly with the Unemployed Offices of the Municipalities (when they exist) for the development of the relevant synergies.

The purpose of this action is not to replace the operation of the Public Employment Services (OAED), but mainly:

  • informing and sensitizing the business world about the need to tackle unemployment in the region / Municipality
  • the connection of the business world with the unemployed through participation in joint activities (eg workshops).

Information – Awareness – Social Inclusion

Depending on the special needs of the population of the area, the “Community Centers” provide services aimed at improving living standards and ensuring the social inclusion of beneficiaries. The following services are indicative:

  • Providing consulting support for labor market integration, career guidance services, etc.
  • Providing counseling psychosocial support to children, adults and families.
  • Development of actions for creative employment and learning support of preschool and school children, in synergy with the implemented education programs (educational activities, learning support, meals, school environment support, etc.)
  • Programs to help create opportunities for young people, e.g. vocational guidance for adolescents, skills improvement, cultural activities, youth participation and support programs, in collaboration with the Ombudsman and other services and structures.
  • Organizing events with educational, communication and social content such as: organization of neighborhood groups for community initiatives and activation of citizens, organizing educational seminars on preventive medicine and hygienic living conditions, networking with local community organizations, schools, schools, etc.) for joint action initiatives for local development, combating school dropout, etc.
  • Mixed actions for socialization and social inclusion, in particular (but not exclusively) for students with disabilities, children with learning disabilities, Roma and Beneficiaries of International Protection
  • Collection and distribution of basic goods.
  • Development of a Volunteer Network that will either assist the staff of the Community Center on a case-by-case basis, always under its supervision and based on its instructions and directions, or will contribute to the actions of other poverty management structures, under the guidance and control of the regular staff of these structures.



Alimos Municipality Community Center
25 Aristotelous and Afxentiou, Alimos, 17455
Contact phone: 210-9886947 & 210-9886950
E-mail: kentro.koin@alimos.gr


Opening hours

The Community Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 16:00


Personnel of the Center

The Community Center is staffed by two social workers and a psychologist.