Address: Marina Alimou
Tel.: 210-9813192 & 210-9843247
E-mail: kolymvhthrio@alimos.gr

ADULT TRAINING (heated 25-26°C)


Adult training in groups by a specialized coach, depending on the level of the trainees (learning the four swimming styles, individual program, etc.).

Registration documents: Medical certificate of a cardiologist and dermatologist or specialist (covers both specialties) and 1 photo.

Necessary equipment: Swimsuit, hat, glasses, flip flops and bathrobe.

Schedule: Daily: 20.00 to 21.000
Saturday: 14.00 to 16.00.

Tuition: Citizens-Residents of Alimos 35 € / month (unlimited visits). Heterodomites 55 € / month (unlimited visits). Ή 5 € / time.

For the residents of Alimos it is necessary to present any account in the name of the interested party (or the parent if he is a minor) that will prove the residence address in Alimos..
For the citizens of Alimos, a certificate from the Municipal Register or a Citizen card is required.
Regardless of age, practitioners should be fasting for at least three hours.