Address: Marina Alimou
Tel.: 210-9813192 & 210-9843247
E-mail: kolymvhthrio@alimos.gr

AQUA AEROBIC (heated 25-26°C)


Aerobics program in the large pool with music and instruments (tires, life jackets, dumbbells, balls).

Benefits: Revitalizes without straining. Improves physical condition, helps significantly in weight control, strengthens the immune system and cardiorespiratory function. Increases self-confidence and spiritual clarity.

Registration documents: Medical certificate of a cardiologist and dermatologist or specialist (covers both specialties) and 1 photo.

Necessary equipment: Swimsuit, hat, glasses, flip flops and bathrobe.

Schedule: It is monitored as many times as the interested party wants with the corresponding charge and lasts 45 minutes.
Daily: Morning: 08.30, 09.30 & 10.30Afternoon: 19.15 & 20.10.
Everyday Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is an additional breakfast section at 11.30.
Saturday: 11.15 & 12.10.