Address: Kanari 1
Τελ.: 210-9888162



Indicatively, among other responsibilities of the office are:

  • The maintenance and updating of the municipal registers and the registers of males, in accordance with the applicable provisions and procedures. This includes the observance of the procedures deriving from the current legislation for the creation and operation of the National Municipal Register.
  • Keeping of family portfolios.
  • Keeping a book of family portions, which are updated with all changes.
  • The registration of the above in H / Y by serial number of Family Share (O.M.).
  • The preparation of Mayor decisions for each change, registration, post-promotion.
  • The issuance of certificates of marital status, certificates of identity, for school use, certificates of identity for each use, certificates for recruitment, close relatives and any other use.
  • The care for the collection of supporting documents for any change in the family situation of the citizens.
  • The hiring and change of surname, as well as the hiring of patronymics and matronyms by children, who were born without marriage of their parents or are of unknown parents.
  • The Hellenization of the name of Greeks abroad, expatriate foreigners, who acquire Greek citizenship and repatriated expatriates, who have Greek citizenship.
  • The civil marriage licenses and the care for the performance of these marriages.
  • The periodic updating of the public services for the changes of personal status that result from the kept data.
  • Issues all kinds of certificates of individual and family status, as well as all kinds of certificates, lists and tables with the data listed in the above Registers.
  • Collaborates with other Municipalities and public services in cases of changes in the registers in accordance with similar records kept there.