Address: 53 Aristotelous, Town Hall (1st floor)
Tel.: 213-2008028



His responsibilities include:

  • Providing help to users (Helpdesk), such as receiving, recording and forwarding to process requests related to the provision of IT services.
  • The provision of internet services (portal) and e-mail and the posting of all individual and regulatory acts of the Municipality on the internet, for transparency and timely information of the citizens.
  • Keeping a record of the services of the Municipality and the Legal Entities supervised by it that have been computerized.
  • The maintenance of all types of information systems available and used by the Municipality and the Legal Entities supervised by it and the care for their smooth operation as well as the support in terms of analysis of requirements, design, modifications and extensions or development – installation of new Information Systems to meet the operational needs of the Municipality.
  • The responsibility for the proper functioning of the telephone network and other electronic devices.
  • The observance of the procedures for the restoration of the system operation, after interruption or failure and the observance of data for the measurement of the equipment efficiency and the availability of the systems.
  • The development of the plan and the monitoring of the implementation of the necessary protection measures, as well as the evaluation of the degree of effectiveness of the protection measures.
  • Ensuring the security of information systems, by establishing and implementing principles, procedures, techniques and measures to protect data and the entire information system, from any accidental or intentional threat.
  • The development of a plan for the continuation of the operation of the information systems of the Municipality and their restoration in case of their destruction, the maintenance and technical support of the computer systems, of the wired and wireless networks.
  • The management and operation of IT equipment, the optimization of equipment utilization, depending on the applications that operate in each department.
  • The maintenance of the local or wider computer network, the maintenance of a register of users, accounts and access rights to the local network or the Internet, the management of the users’ access to the network and the management of the communication of the internal network with external networks.
  • Supervising the safe operation of the PC network, maintaining and upgrading the PCs and their peripherals, installing new computer systems and related software, and maintaining and upgrading the application software.
  • The protection and maximum utilization of the network and its resources as well as the planning of the network expansion.
  • The coordination of the operation and the improvement of the efficiency of the central computer units (servers), the functions of storage of all the data of the Municipality (backups) as well as the management of the operation center of the network and of the central computer units (servers).
  • The responsibility of developing and supporting the networks and network services necessary for the smooth operation of the Municipality.
  • The protection and security of information systems, networks and communications and their users from malicious attacks.
  • Maintaining the security levels of information files, in order to ensure their confidentiality and to ensure the reliability and availability of data.
  • The drafting of the technical specifications of the network equipment, for the existing or new needs of the Municipality and the Legal Entities supervised by it as well as the maintenance of the equipment, with the same means or with the existing relevant contracts.
  • The drafting of regulations for the operation and use of the individual communications services provided.
  • Updating and upgrading the network, designing the development and testing of innovative applications and testing new products and architectural networks.
  • Participation in research and development programs related to the subject.
  • The management of technical support issues of the software that concerns the website of the Municipality and the Legal Entities supervised by it.