Address: Aristotelous 53, Alimos Town Hall (1st floor)
Tel.: 213-2008028



His responsibilities include::

  • The drafting of technical specifications for the supply of equipment, software, etc. electronic material (PC, S / W, SYSTEM S / W etc) for the needs of the services of the Municipality and the Legal Entities supervised by it and their sending to the Procurement Department for further procedures.
  • Organizing magnetic media file, based on standards and backing up files.
  • The drafting of standards for the design, development and operation of information system, security and quality control.
  • The study and presentation of proposals, which bring about organizational changes that facilitate the new way of working with the use of information technology.
  • The monitoring of insecurity situations, the information systems recorded and notified to the Office by the Services, as well as the control and investigation of security incidents.
  • Awareness and improvement of the information of the users and the Administration in matters of security of the information systems and communications, as well as the consulting support of the Services in matters of security.
  • Determining the required human, financial, cognitive and other resources for the security of information systems.
  • The study, suggestion and monitoring of the implementation of measures for the simplification of bureaucratic types and procedures and the abolition of unnecessary formalities, in cooperation with the competent Services of the Municipality, as well as the implementation of an administration system with objectives and measurement of efficiency.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Strategic IT Plan and informing about the progress of IT projects, any problems or delays or deviations from the originally planned project budget.
  • The preparation of a Strategic Plan for Informatics, based on the general strategic objectives of the Municipality and its specific operational needs.
  • Monitoring the execution of the relevant contracts and the development of studies, procurement and IT projects.
  • The installation of each new application (software), its start-up and the management of each application, from a systematic and operational point of view.
  • The continuous monitoring of new technologies and the suggestion for their utilization by the Municipality.
  • The training of the staff of the Municipality in matters of information systems and their effective utilization by it..