Address: 53 Aristotelous, Alimos Town Hall (3rd floor)
Tel.: 213-2008069



Indicatively, among other things, the responsibility of the office is to:

  • Ensures the observance of the legislative and regulatory provisions that apply and regulate the relations of the Municipality with its human resources (eg issues of salaries, hours, leave, illness, overtime, dismissals, claims, etc.).
  • Keeps the Registers of Permanent Personnel and IDAX, where the data of individual and family status are recorded, any kind of changes in the employment relationship (recruitment, dismissal, change of jobs, remuneration, leave, absences, evaluations etc.) and the qualifications of each.
  • Plans and suggests improvements and monitors the implementation of all procedures related to the employment of employees (adherence to schedule, approval and implementation of overtime, night shifts, etc.).
  • Collects employment data and changes in employee data that affect their pay and informs the relevant financial services in a timely manner, in order to promote the timely payment of employees and the return of insurance contributions.
  • Collaborates with the Heads of the individual organizational units of the Municipality and informs them about the procedures to be followed in matters of work (presence management, overtime, certificates to staff, etc.).
  • Issues all kinds of certificates to the staff for issues related to their employment in the Municipality.
  • Plans, suggests and coordinates the implementation of the procedures and internal regulations that regulate the relations of the Municipality with its staff, always within the framework of the general regulations of the state.
  • In the context of the human resources policies established by the State for the public sector, it takes care of the identification of the necessary jobs per administrative unit of the Municipality and the preparation / updating of the descriptions of responsibilities of the individual positions.
  • Monitors the coverage of various jobs in the administrative units of the Municipality in order to utilize the qualifications of executives and the smooth and continuous coverage of the needs of municipal services.
  • Takes care of the implementation of the employee evaluation system in the Municipality and the observance of the relevant data.
  • Suggests and monitors the implementation of measures for additional support of the human resources of the Municipality (eg organization of staff movements in the premises of the Municipality, etc.).
  • Takes care of the development of the human resources of the Municipality by identifying the needs for improving the qualifications and skills of employees.
  • Plans, suggests and organizes programs of continuous training and retraining of the human resources of the Municipality. Monitors the implementation of these programs and ensures the evaluation of the results from the implementation of these programs in practice.
  • Issues statistical data at regular intervals for the staff of the Municipality in terms of Management, specialty, industry and numbers.