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The Safety Technician provides the Municipality with suggestions and advice, writing or orally, on issues related to occupational health and safety and the prevention of accidents at work. Registers the written suggestions in a special book of the Municipality, which is considered by the Labor Inspectorate. The Director in charge is obliged to take note, by signature, of the instructions entered in this book. Indicatively the Security Technician:

  • Advises on design, planning, construction and maintenance of facilities, introduction of new production processes, supply of tools and equipment, selection and control of the effectiveness of personal protective equipment, as well as configuration and arrangement of jobs and work environment and general organization of production procedure.
  • Checks the safety of facilities and technical means, before their operation, as well as production processes and working methods, before their implementation and supervises the implementation of hygiene and safety measures at work and accident prevention, informing them competent Heads of the Services of the Municipality.

The Occupational Doctor provides the Municipality with suggestions and advice, writing or orally, regarding the measures to be taken for the physical and mental health of the employees. The written instructions are recorded by the occupational physician in the special book provided by law. The Competent Director shall take note of the instructions entered in the book. Indicatively, the occupational doctor advises on issues:

  • design, planning, modification of the production process, construction and maintenance of facilities, in accordance with the rules of occupational health and safety,
  • taking protection measures during the import and use of materials and equipment supply,
  • physiology and psychology of work, ergonomics and hygiene of work, arrangement and configuration of positions and work environment and organization of the production process,
  • organization of a first aid service,
  • • initial placement and change of jobs for health reasons, temporarily or permanently, as well as integration or reintegration of disadvantaged people in the production process, even with a suggestion of job reform.