Address: Geroulanou & Kefallinias Avenue
Phone: 210-9810778 & 210-9810445



Its responsibilities include:

  • The care of the implementation of any general or special plan, which concerns the response to emergencies, resulting from earthquakes, floods, fires, power outages, epidemics and major accidents.

  • The formation of the necessary emergency response teams and citizens’ committees, in cooperation with the competent Services of the Attica Region.

  • The care of the preparation of the necessary gathering plans of the citizens after each earthquake, the drafting of memoranda of action and the definition of those who are responsible.

  • The pre-provision of the necessary materials and means for the activation of the citizens’ committees and the immediate intervention groups.

  • The information of the staff and the emergency response teams about the necessary measures, before the emergencies.

  • The announcement to the residents of the area by any means of the instructions for dealing with problems created by emergencies.

  • The care for the supply and maintenance of the necessary sirens.

  • The care for executing emergency exercises.

  • The monitoring of the correspondence, the information of the responsible bodies and the keeping of records.

  • The monitoring of the relevant legislation.