Address: Geroulanou & Kefallinias Avenue
Phone: 210-9810778 & 210-9810445



Indicatively the office:

  • Manages the fleet of vehicles of the Municipality (garbage trucks, various motor vehicles, trucks and passenger vehicles) taking care of their staffing, insurance and supply with all documents relative to each movement.

  • Monitors and supervises the movement of the vehicles of the Municipality, issues the corresponding route instructions, supervises the fuel consumption and the need for periodic preventive maintenance.

  • Investigates the circumstances of any accidents, informs the insurance company for conducting joint autopsy and provide supporting documents and takes care of the restoration of damages and accident results.

  • Ensures the issuance of all relevant license and license plates, certificates and approvals, and maintains a relevant file for each vehicle and construction project of the Municipality.

  • Maintains and updates the KTEO control files, exhaust gas card and tachograph and their periodic calibration for all vehicles and construction machinery of the Municipality, according to the current legislation.

  • Cooperates with the competent department of the financial service for the provision of data for the payment of traffic fees and vehicle insurance.

  • Plans and implements the preventive maintenance programs of all types of vehicles and mobile machines of the Municipality.

  • Ensures the restoration of any kind of damage and the repair of vehicles and mobile machines of the Municipality and the preparation of all necessary documents per case.

  • Maintains and updates a file for all vehicles and construction machinery of the Municipality, which records all the work that is performed, either in the context of preventive maintenance, or for the repair of damage, change of tires, lubricants and other spare parts, either by the Municipality or via procurement.

  • Maintains the physical warehouse of spare parts and other materials that are necessary for the maintenance and repair of damage to vehicles and mobile machinery of the Municipality.

  • Collects, maintains and processes data from the performance of maintenance and damage repair operations of the vehicles of the Municipality and forms and monitors relevant efficiency indicators.