Address: Aristotelous 53, Alimos Town Hall (Ground floor)
Tel: 213-2008018



  • Receipt of the certificate lists of the obligors and the respective debts to the Municipality by revenue category from the revenue department.
  • The control of the securities and the issuance within the legal deadline of the “Receipts of Receivables” in accordance with the relevant provisions “on financial administration and accounting of local authorities”.
  • The timely delivery to the receivable institutions of copies of the cash registers in order to process the respective collection.
  • The updating of the securities in accordance with the decisions of the Conciliation Committees and Administrative Courts.
  • Issuance of receipts for the various revenues of the Municipality.
  • Keeping file of all kinds of documents and corresponding supporting documents used in the revenue side to update the accounting system of the Municipality with the cash registrations.
  • Monitoring of the bank accounts of the Municipality.
  • Certificate of home-certified revenues of the Municipality.
  • Receives duplicate receipts on behalf of the collection custodians, receives the receipts by issuing a receipt of adjustable receipts and delivers them to the Municipal Treasurer.
  • Provides data requested by Public / Audit services according to the procedures that apply each time and are related only to the realized revenues.