Address: Aristotelous 53, Alimos Town Hall (Ground floor)
Tel.: 213-2008017



  • Verification of the payment documents and payment of all types of money orders issued by the NPDD.
  • Control, payment and return of deductions of money orders of NPDD in the respective funds and insurance organizations.
  • Issuance and certification of revenue receipts of NPDD.
  • Receipt and control of executives from the collection blocks related to revenues from subscriptions and boarding houses of the NPDD.
  • Monitoring the bank accounts of NPDD.
  • Sending the financial data of the NPDD every month to the database of the Ministry.
  • Collection and entry in the relevant accounting books of the receipts and payments of the NPDD of the Municipality in accordance with the relevant provisions “on financial administration and accounting of local authorities”.
  • The preparation at the end of each year of the report of the general income and expenses of the NPDD.
  • The preparation of the monthly and annual accounts of the collected revenues in the respective revenue accounts as well as of the paid money orders by code number of budget expenditures.
  • The responsibility to provide at any time to the Head of the Treasury Service, the Director of Financial Services and the Presidents of the NPDD the accurate picture of their income and expenses.