Address: Aristotelous 53, Alimos Town Hall (1st floor)
Tel.: 213-2008117 & 213-2008050



Indicatively, the office:

  • Compiles in collaboration with the competent Services of the Municipality the budget of revenues and expenses, as well as its presentation report and ensures its voting and approval within the legal deadlines..
  • Generally monitors the implementation of the revenue and expenses budget, issues the relevant expenses orders and suggests reforms by recording new revenue and additional or extraordinary credits.
  • Executes any work related to budget issues and formulates its forecasts for its outcome by monitoring the progress of its implementation.
  • Collects statistics useful for budget forecasts.
  • Studies and suggests measures resulting from statistical data or information that is expected to lead to savings and to improve the finances of the Municipality by optimizing costs and revenues.
  • Maintains a special budget file, with all relevant decisions, approvals, etc.
  • Supervises the approval, liquidation and payment order of each expense, as per Greek Law.
  • Acts on the recognition of the credits of the Municipality by subscribing the liquidation deeds drawn up in the respective accounts and on the basis of these issues the relevant money orders in the name of the beneficiaries, monitors their entry in the computer program file and arranges their printing and archiving in the form of books, as provided by the existing legal provisions. Sends the money orders to the treasurer of the Municipality signed by the head of the Department and the Mayor.
  • Records and files all the credits issued, accompanied by the respective warrants, keeping a time record of them.
  • Maintains accounting of funding balances.
  • Undertakes any kind of expenses to the detriment of the budget appropriations in accordance with the provisions in force from time to time on the financial administration and accounting of the Municipalities and Communities.
  • Transmits to the Commissioner of the Court of Auditors the payment orders which fall under his jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions in force.
  • Registers the payment orders in the relevant books with a separate numbering for those subject to the precautionary audit of the Court of Auditors.