Address: Aristotelous 53, Alimos Town Hall (1st floor)
Tel: 213-2008080



Indicatively, among other responsibilities of the office are:

  • Supervises the issuance of payrolls of elected officials, regular staff and private-law staff for an indefinite – definite period of time, including staff engaged in supervisory projects.
  • In addition to the monthly payroll, it oversees the issuance of money orders related to travel expenses, overtime compensation, etc., while monitoring the approved maximum overtime limit.
  • Provides the issuance of quarterly salaries or allowances due to retirement of employees.
  • Maintains a file of salary, service changes of employees and ensures the issuance of annual reports of expenses by the payroll codes and employer budget contributions.
  • Prepares payroll statements and detailed tables with the data of the beneficiaries and the amounts of the fees, etc. paid during the year to all staff. Copies of the above certificates and detailed tables are issued for the annual tax year.
  • Prepares all payroll statements for social security public bodies with which it interacts to resolve all relative issues if any.
  • Maintains the computerized staff insurance statements and ensures the timely delivery of Individual Contribution Notes to employees.
  • Maintains the Salary Records of all staff in special books.
  • Prepares salary certificates for all employees and retirees for the Tax Office.
  • Collects data in staff changes or corresponding benefits paid or amounts charged to the staff of the Municipality with any employment relationship, which correspond and have an effect on the payment of their remuneration.
  • Updates the computer files of the staff with the previous data and takes care of the export of the periodic salary statements or in general the statements of payment of any kind of remuneration to the staff of the Municipality.
  • Checks the previous statements and sends a copy to the Cash Office for timely payments.
  • Monitors the issues mentioned in the payroll and in any kind of financial benefits of all the staff of the Municipality.
  • Monitors the proper implementation of collective bargaining agreements, as well as any provision of Law, Decree, etc., concerning the payroll status of salaried staff.
  • Submits the final withholding payroll tax statement to the competent Tax Office (Ε7).