Address: Aristotelous 53, Town Hall (1st floor)
Tel.: 213-2008079



The General Object of the Procurement Office is the observance of the relevant procedures for the supply of all kinds of materials and services, necessary for the operation of all the services of the Municipality. The responsibilities of the Procurement Office include:

  • The collaboration with the Independent Department of Internal Audit and Civil Protection, for the preparation of the Annual and generally Periodic Procurement Programs and services.
  • The distribution of the approved procurement programs and services to the Municipal Directorates.
  • The monitoring of the implementation of this Program and the periodic updating of the Municipal Directorates.
  • The care for the observance of the procedures of gathering the requests for manifestation of needs of supply of goods and services from the individual organic units of the Municipality.
  • The observance of the procedures for the approval of the expediency of each procurement and service and the procedures for the award of the items to be supplied to the suppliers (Announcements, care for the preparation of specifications in cooperation with the competent Departments, tenders, receipt of offers, evaluation of offers, item orders etc.). Generally takes care of all issues related to the execution of each supply and service until its final receipt in accordance with applicable provisions.
  • The care for the operation of Committees, which are recommended for the preparation of specifications, the conduct of tenders, the receipt and evaluation of the offers, the receipt of the ordered items (quantitative / qualitative / in-service receipt / final receipt).
  • The preparation of periodic reports of supply and service programs or reports on a case-by-case basis of supplies and services.
  • Conducting market research to document the availability of items of interest to the Municipality and to obtain data on supply and service prices.
  • The keeping of information files and documents of supplies and services (Supply Archive, Supplier Archive, Supply Files Archive, etc.) and the cooperation with the Directorate of Technical Services and the other organizational units of the Municipality for the elaboration of studies and the supervision of specialized supplies and services.
  • The suggestion for the sale or destruction of useless materials and the deletion of materials that are destroyed or lost due to force majeure, etc.
  • The collection and control of receipts and then the information of the Department of Expenditures for the respective issuance of payment orders.