Address: 53 Aristotelous, Alimos Town Hall (2nd floor)
Tel.: 213-2008111



The object is the implementation of buildings projects, road construction, plumbing, installations, etc., as well as landscaping, layout and landscaping of public spaces in the area of the Municipality (streets, squares, playgrounds, green space projects, sports facilities, monuments. etc.) and in particular:

  • Takes care of the construction, decoration and equipment of municipal buildings and schools, their surrounding area, the configuration of squares, sidewalks, playgrounds, sports facilities, etc., and in general the free and public areas of the Municipality.
  • Applies altitude studies.
  • Determines annual and medium-term objectives for the implementation of new technical projects in the area of the Municipality and the implementation of maintenance works of the existing communal infrastructure.
  • Supervision of the implementation of technical projects carried out either under self-supervision or by third parties.
  • Performs works for opening roads and demolition of street properties for the implementation of the city plan, after the competent procedures of the Department of Urban Planning complete the procedures provided by law and the expulsion of the owners.
  • The Observance of the procedures for monitoring and controlling the implementation and receipt of technical projects from a qualitative, quantitative and conventional point of view.
  • Suggests the issuance of permits for road and sidewalk intersections for the installation of networks of Public Benefit Organizations and checks the observance of the application of the terms and technical specifications of pavement and sidewalk restoration.
  • Takes care of the construction of sidewalks, their constant repair and maintenance and their perfect condition, so that it is safe and functional for the citizens.
  • Monitors the appropriations available for the implementation of projects under the responsibility of the office.
  • Monitors the utilization of programs and the distribution of the technical means in the Department of human resources. Suggestion for the decision making aimed at improving the utilization and efficiency of available technical means and personnel.
  • Collaborates with the relevant and competent departments for the most complete elaboration of the studies.
  • Supervises the completion of the files, issuance of building permits, where required, of the projects that are performed under contract or self-supervision.
  • Prepares technical specifications for the supply of materials or items under the responsibility of the department.
  • Supervises and handles any process related to the implementation of projects, such as the organization of the workshop, the installation of the contractor, the control of the correct application of the terms of the contract for good quality and according to the study the execution of projects, monitoring the progress of work , the control of measurements, the control of work certifications submitted by third parties, the timely compilation and suggestion for approval of Summary work tables, the implementation of the Law on price adjustment and the relevant circulars and instructions related to this Law, the settlement of disputes with the contractors, the implementation of the current legislation of the sample checks for the quality of concrete or steel, the preparation of a report of projects with self-supervision according to the existing provisions for the execution of the Municipal works.
  • Keeps the project files with all the data in accordance with the provisions of the Law in the implementation of municipal projects.
  • Monitors the appropriations available for the execution of the above projects or studies.
  • Takes care of the procedures for the receipt of projects performed by third parties.
  • Monitors the progress of the implementation of the projects of the Department and informs the Municipal Authority and the Services accordingly.