Address: Aristotelous 53, Alimos Town Hall (2nd floor)
Tel.: 213-2008111



Its responsibilities include:

  • The traffic organization of the Municipality, ie the preparation, updating and implementation of the traffic study and the management of pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the road network.
  • The identification of traffic problems and giving solutions.
  • Ensuring comfortable traffic conditions for pedestrians and cars, always giving priority to pedestrians. Also ensuring unhindered access to common areas.
  • Searching for proposals for widening sidewalks, creating sidewalks, light roads with the aim of discouraging passing traffic, reducing the speed of cars and road safety.
  • Drafting of traffic studies and regulations. Collaborates with external scholars specializing in the subject or suggests the assignment of studies to them.
  • The preparation and submission of suggestions to the bodies of the Administration for traffic regulations and especially for the one-way streets. Also, the corresponding implementation of the decisions taken by these bodies.
  • The installation and maintenance of all kinds of information signs in the Municipality (signs for naming streets and squares, numbering of buildings, providing information to drivers and the passing ones).
  • The notification of the Decisions of the Municipal Council in traffic regulations to the Traffic Services, Police Services that performing Traffic duties, as well as to the competent services of the Attica Region, the Decentralized Administration of Attica and the Ministries.
  • Takes care of the creation and maintenance of a file of the existing marking in the Municipality.
  • Examines after autopsy the requests of the citizens and services, regarding the signs and traffic regulations and prepares small-scale traffic studies related to the vertical and horizontal marking, speed reducers (saddles), determination of one-way, bike paths and directions of traffic, change of cross-section of the road, identification and operation of parking spaces in public areas and in general the designation of parking spaces (eg parking permits for the disabled) and the imposition of restrictions or prohibitions on traffic or parking.
  • Takes care of the creation of parking spaces for wheeled vehicles and with the possibility of renting real estate, in accordance with the current legislation, while prohibiting the creation of parking spaces in specific spaces.
  • Issues traffic licenses – valuations – demotion of curbs – sidewalks, mainly for the operation of garages – laundries – car lubricants and gas stations and performs inspections after the issuance of their operating license.