Address: Aristotelous 53, Alimos Town Hall (2nd floor)
Tel.: 213-2008114, 213-2008119



Its responsibility includes:

  • The control of the implementation of the road plan, the study, the opinion and the drafting of the necessary modifications of the city plan and the suggestion of taking the relevant decisions, the monitoring of the revisions and extensions of the city plan and the implementing acts.
  • Keeping a file of altitude road studies and the preparation of relevant certificates.
  • Keeping a file with the data related to its object (Decrees, amendments of actuarial acts, etc.) keeping and updating of a File for the nomenclature of streets and squares.
  • The collection of the necessary data and keeping a file after the relevant data of the land plots expropriated due to road construction.
  • The energy of any kind of topographic work and the cooperation with the other units of the Department.
  • The organization and supervision of the work of compiling cartographic backgrounds assigned to design offices.
  • The drafting of the Acts of Actuariality – compensation, settlement, ratification according to the provisions of the current legislation.
  • The maintenance and updating of cadastral maps and tables.
  • The compilation and the simultaneous updating of the of the Land Registry with complete research of contracts and plots of distribution of plots in order to be included in the National Land Registry, in collaboration with the Departments of Legal Service, Revenue and any other competent Service.
  • Procedure for Correction of a street plan due to differences between it and the plan that has been implemented on the ground.