Headquarters: TOWN HALL– Aristotelous 53, P.C. 17455 – 4th floor
Office Manager: Maniataki Aikaterini
Phone number: 213-2008096



  • Receives from the Mayor service studies for the preparation of the required announcements.

For the announcements of the electronic competitions that have been prepared by the Department:

  • A separate electronic file is created that contains all the documents of the public contract.
  • Takes care of all the necessary publications and posts of the competition.
  • Arranges for any clarifications on the declaration.
  • Creating and conducting open tenders through the use of the ESIDIS System.
  • Takes care of all the necessary actions for the correct posting in ESIDIS of the data from the planning to the award of the public contract.
  • Drafts the contract for contracts subject to pre-contractual review by the Court of Auditors.
  • Transmits the result of tenders for public procurement above the limits in the EU.
  • Promotes energy savings in the Municipality (municipal cars, buildings, electricity networks, etc.), mild forms of energy and the use, as far as possible, of ‘clean’ vehicles.
  • Ensures the study and the gradual implementation of energy management system, according to the plans of the state, in order to achieve continuous improvement of energy efficiency.
  • Ensures the implementation of improvement measures and minimum energy efficiency requirements for the supplies of the Municipality, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state.