Headquarters: TOWN HALL– Aristotelous 53, P.C. 17455



Indicatively include responsibilities of the Office:

  • Defines quality standards (internal organization) for all services of the Municipality (ISO).
  • Designs and proposes systems and methods for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the services of the Municipality (procedures, indicators, etc.) and in particular the Regulation for Measuring and Evaluating the performance of municipal services in accordance with applicable law.
  • Formulates and suggests periodic targets for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the services of the Municipality.
  • Collects data that refer to the efficiency and effectiveness of the services and the achievement of the relevant periodic objectives, monitors their development, processes the data and issues informative reports.
  • Formulates annually the reports on the efficiency and effectiveness of the services.
  • Identifies the best practices of efficient and effective operation and promotes their application in services.
  • Monitors the implementation of good practices and evaluates their results.
  • Suggests, monitors and evaluates measures for the continuous improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the services and their response to the needs of the citizens.
  • Plans, suggests and coordinates the implementation of total quality management systems and self-evaluation procedures.
  • Suggests and monitors the implementation of projects and actions to improve the organization of the Municipality in order to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Collaborates with the Department of Financial Services to formulate the appropriate budget and accounting systems for the financial figures of the Municipality, as well as the appropriate systems for monitoring the operating costs of the Municipality and the cost of produced and provided services to the Municipality. citizens.
  • Monitors and informs with reports the bodies of the Municipality regarding the evolution of the financial figures of the Municipality, as well as the evolution of the operating costs of the organic units and the costs of the produced and provided services to the citizens.
  • Takes care of the installation and maintenance of quality assurance systems of the individual functions of the Municipality.
  • Takes care of the execution of the approved programs of projects and actions for the improvement of the organization of the Municipality. In particular, it takes care of the design / redesign and implementation of improved organizational structures, division of responsibilities, distribution of staff, organizational systems, internal processes and forms.
  • Takes care of the planning, implementation and monitoring of all the internal control procedures for all the Services of the Municipality, according to the procedures as approved by the competent bodies.
  • It is responsible for the design and implementation of systems and procedures that seek to ensure transparency in all types of relations between the Municipality and third parties.
  • Plans, informs the municipal services and ensures the implementation of any kind of procedure and action that ensures transparency in the relations of the Municipality with third parties. To this end, it uses all appropriate means and especially the appropriate information and communication technologies (ICT).


It also has the following Transparency responsibilities:

  • Ensures the provision of access of citizens and every third party to information related to the structure, organization and responsibilities of municipal services, as well as regulations, procedures and conditions for the provision of services by citizens to the Municipality.
  • Ensures the implementation of legislation in matters of assignment by the Municipality of the execution of projects and the supply of materials and services.
  • Ensures the timely information of citizens for all kinds of programs and actions planned by the Municipality and addressed to citizens and ensures the principle of equal access of citizens to these activities.
  • It designs special information programs for the citizens for the development and implementation of the activities of the Municipality and takes care of their realization.
  • Welcomes suggestions, proposals and complaints of the citizens and informs them about their rights and the actions required for the processing of their cases. It also takes care of providing them with the necessary information and forms.
  • Takes care of the information of the citizens regarding the reports that concern the fulfillment of objectives, completion of programs and projects undertaken and promoted by the Municipality.


Designs, suggests and arranges for publication and distribution, in printed and electronic form:


(a) Charter of Rights and Obligations of Citizens and Residents;

(b) Guide of the Municipality for the services provided by the Municipality,

(c) Citizens’ Information Regulation and Consultation Regulation.

  • Ensures the maintenance of the Register of citizens to whom the Municipality offers services.
  • Ensures the implementation of consultation procedures for decisions and issues concerning the Municipality.