Headquarters: TOWN HALL– Aristotelous 53, P.C. 17455 – 4th floor
Office Manager: Lianantonaki maria
Phone number: 213-2008044



  • He systematically monitors the publications (print and electronic) about the activities of the Municipality and informs the administration and services accordingly.
  • He arranges the preparation of such publications, in order to defend the interests of the Municipality.
  • He keeps a record of the publications as well as the relevant responses of the Municipality.
  • He manages the relations of the Municipality with the digital and printed press and the media and curated the publications and press releases of the Municipality.
  • He curates the information publications or broadcasts of the Municipality to the media.
  • He Plans and proposes communication policy to promote the mission and the objectives of the Municipality and respectively plans, recommends and promotes the implementation of programs and actions necessary for the implementation of this communication policy.
  • He informs the public about the mission of the Municipality and promotes the activity of the Municipality.
  • The Cooperation with journalists and the organization of press conferences.
  • Working with the local and daily press on local issues.
  • It draws up and publishes information forms and ensures that the interest of citizens is attracted, with the aim of creating a spirit of good cooperation with the Municipality.
  • He organizes and implements all kinds of events and actions of the Municipality (conferences, assemblies, celebrations, etc.), as well as programs to promote the work and services of the Municipality.
  • He handles of all relevant work for the organization of ceremonies, banquets, meals, holidays, reception and tour of various guests and personalities.
  • Coordination of these actions with other bodies of the Public Administration and bodies of mass representation of groups of citizens. This responsibility is transferred accordingly, if the above events are organized by the Legal Persons of the Municipality, etc.
  • Designs, recommends and implements programmes to inform citizens about the aims, objectives and services of the Municipality with the general aim of active citizens to promote local interests.
  • The planning of communication events of the Mayor with the residents of the Municipality to identify and record their problems.
  • The collection of publications sent to the Municipality – books – magazines, the evaluation of their usefulness and the suggestion to the Mayor of how to use them.
  • The classification and archiving, in a specially-written book, of publications of all forms, concerning the local self-government in general but also the Municipality in particular and the information on them of the Mayor and the competent services of the Municipality.
  • Care for the timely printing and sending of invitations to the persons invited to the events organized by the Municipality.
  • The care for the proper decoration of the Municipal Store and its halls, or any other space, during the ceremonies held by the Municipality in general.
  • Care for flagging, lighting and decoration in general of the city and municipal shops, during national and other festive events.
  • Any other matter related to the content of this Office.