Address: Ano KEP – Dodecanese 63
Phone: 213-2149100-5
Fax: 210-9920046
Working Hours: Monday – Friday: 07.30 – 15.00



Indicatively, among other responsibilities of the Office are:

  • It shall inform citizens of the actions required to deal with administrative cases relating to public services.
  • It receives applications from citizens for the handling of their cases by the public authorities, checks their completeness and, if supporting documents are required for the handling of the case, which have not been submitted together with the application, searches for them and receives them in any appropriate way from the competent services, after the relevant authorization of the citizens.
  • It shall forward the files of citizens’ cases in full to the department responsible for their handling in any appropriate way.
  • It receives from the competent services the final documents requested by the citizens and arranges for them to be delivered to the citizens, either by mission or through the KEP.
  • It provides various services to citizens in accordance with the general design of KEP
  • Keeps records and processes statistics from the action of the Municipality’s KEP.