Association of Municipalities of South Attica (Sy.DNA)

The Association of Municipalities of South Attica (SYDNA) is a Legal Entity under Public Law that was established in April 2017 (Government Gazette B ‘1215/2017). Its establishment is a product of inter-municipal cooperation between the municipalities of Alimos, Kallithea and Paleo Faliro.
The purpose of the Association is the joint development of the municipalities of the coastal front and their upgrade. More specifically, the objectives of SYDNA are:

1. The joint planning and the performance of projects of an inter-municipal character, utilizing all financial possibilities at national, Community and international level.
2. The financial development of the region.
3. The elaboration of studies and the development of research activity.
4. The cooperation of the municipalities for the more efficient implementation of their work.
5. The protection and upgrading of the environment.
6. The connection of the urban fabric with the coastal front of the cities.
7. The utilization of the coastal front and the hinterland for the purposes of culture, sports and leisure.
8. The promotion of historical events, landscapes and monuments
9. The dynamic claim of the maximum possible benefit for the society as a whole.

The three municipalities have joined forces and are working closely together, with the first goal to implement actions for “Integrated Spatial Investments (O.E.) of Sustainable Urban Development (NEA)” in the framework of the Regional Operational Program. ATTICA 2014–2020 ‘.The relevant proposal was submitted in 2017 and in the same year funding of € 35,000,000 was approved to SYDNA.
The first three-member executive committee (administration) of SYDNA consists of: Dimitris Karnavos, mayor of Kallithea (President), Andrea Kondyli, mayor of Alimos (Vice President) and Dionysis Hatzidakis, mayor of Pal. Faliro (Member). The establishment of SYDNA is a big step for claiming a dynamic role from the local government.