School Committee of Primary Education of the Municipality of Alimos

The project of School Committee of Primary Education is to take care of the operational needs of the respective primary education schools such as the needs of heating, lighting, water, telephone, sewerage, purchase of consumables, etc. as well as the performance of projects for the repair and maintenance of the respective schools and every kind of equipment. The above project is distributed among the school units, taking into account mainly the number of students, the number of departments, the number of classrooms, the operation of gyms, multipurpose halls, workshops, libraries, etc., the age of the buildings, as well as the special needs of school units.

The Legal Entity School Committee of Primary Education is governed by the Board of Directors appointed in accordance with the legislation by the Municipal Council of Alimos, which has a 15-member composition, with a 2.5-year term.

1st Kindergarten

Address: 52 Kanari Alimos P.C. 17455
Tel: 210 9883285
Director: Filothei Exarhou

2nd Kindergarten

Address: 25 Thessalias Alimos P.C. 17456
Tel.: 210 9925515
Director: Triantafyllia Papathoma

3rd Kindergarten

Address: Knosou & 78 Lefkosias P.C. 17455
Tel.: 210 9816690
Directir: Eleni Fotopoulou

4th Kindergarten

Address: Kyvelis & Mirogianni P.C. 17456
Tel.: 210 9919564
Director: Georgia Papakosta

5th Kindergarten

Address: 31 Athinas & Dionysou P.C. 17455
Tel: 210 9839655
Director: Andirana Sotiropoulou

6th Kindergarten


7th Kindergarten

Address: Nikis & 14 Solonos Alimos P.C. 17455
Tel.: 210 9836634
Director: Christina Tsirka

8th-12th Kindergarten

Address: 17 Dimitros & Kythirion Alimos P.C. 17456
Tel.: 210 9967569
Director: Rodoula Papadopoulou

9th Kindergarten

Address: 19 Spartis Alimos P.C. 17456
Tel.: 210 9910720
Director: Nektaria Glyniadaki

10th Kindergarten

Address: 21 Nikiforou Vrettakou Alimos P.C. 17455
Tel.: 210 9816171
Director: Evanthia Karagianni

11th Kindergarten

Address: Mandilara & Ikarias Alimos P.C. 17455
Tel.: 210 9816171
Address: Agoritsa Kolovou

D Dipe Athinon

Address: 165 L. Syggrou, Nea Smyrni, P.C. 17121
Tel.: 213-1617402-3
Fax: 213-1617420
Director: Kentros Georgios

1st Primary school

Address: 2 FAN VAIK P.C. 174 55
Tel.-Fax: 210 98 42 063
Director: Maria Aggelopoulou

2nd Primary school

Address: 4 El. Venizelou P.C. 174 56
Tel.-Fax: 210 99 13 100 – 210 99 19 526
Director: Konstantina Kyriaki

3rd Primary school

Address: 172 L. Ionias P.C. 174 56
Tel.-Fax: 210 98 29 800
Director: Ioanna Mikrogiannaki

4th Primary school

Address: Myrogianni & Kyveli P.C. 174 56
Tel.: 210 9922215 – 210 9957358
Fax: 210 9922215
Director: Androula Apostolidou

5th Primary school

Address: 2 Eptanisou Alimos P.C. 174 55
Tel.-Fax: 210 9824068
Director: Ilias Paparounas

6th Primary school

Address: Mandilara & Alamanas P.C. 174 55
Tel.-Fax: 210 98 13 942
Director: Nikolaos Togias

7th Primary school

Address: 4 Eleftheriou Venizelou P.C. 174 56
Tel. – Fax: 210.9904315
Director: Panagiota Karagianni

9th Primary school

Address: 29 Tsouderou & Makariou P.C. 174 55
Tel.- Fax: 210 98 33 990
Director: Despina Kasapa



Address: 5 Paulou Mela, P.C. 174 55
Tel. & Fax: 210-9831087


Μαρία Αραπάκη
Πρόεδρος Δ.Σ.
Δανάη – Σπυριδούλα Νικολάτου
Αντιπρόεδρος Δ.Σ.


Αντώνιος Σαμόλης
Ελευθέριος Λίλης
Άννα Κεσίσογλου
Κωνσταντίνα – Θεοδώρα Γκόνη
Ευστράτιος Δασκαλάκης
Μαρία Ξεπαπαδάκη
Παύλος Λουκάς
Μιχαλέτος Εμμανουήλ
Δημήτρης Ηλιόπουλος
Νικόλαος Τόγιας
Διευθυντής Α/βάθμιας
Ιωάννα Μικρογιαννάκη
Διευθύντρια Α/βάθμιας
Χριστίνα Τσίρκα
Ιωάννης Αδάμος
Εκπρόσωπος Ένωσης Γονέων


Χρήστος Γκιόλιας
Ιωάννης Βέργης
Θεοδώρα Δανοχρήστου
Μαρία Σμυρλή
Χαράλαμπος Μηλιώνης
Αμαλία Κυριακάκη
Παναγιώτα Πρέβα
Αθηνά Παραγιουδάκη
Κωνσταντίνος Δαμιανόπουλος
Δημήτριος Βουρόπουλος
Διονύσιος Κόκκιας
Δέσποινα Κασάπα
Διευθύντρια Α/βάθμιας
Παναγιώτα Καραγιάννη
Διευθύντρια Α/βάθμιας
Τριανταφυλλιά Παπαθωμά
Ανδρέας Κατσιαμάκης
Εκπρόσωπος Ένωσης Γονέων