Address: Aristotelous 25 & Afxentiou 12 (4th floor)
Tel.: 210-9853580



Indicatively, among other things, the responsibility of the office is to:

  • Takes care of stray animals, through vaccinations, neutering, veterinary care.
  • Organizes informative lectures, lectures, screenings on preventive medicine and mental health and publishes information leaflets..
  • Collaborates with the National Inter-Municipal Network of Health-Health Cities and operates the KEP Health.
  • Has blood bank.
  • Plans, suggests and implements and / or participates in actions for the support and care of citizens’ health, in particular with the establishment and operation of structures for the provision of health services and the promotion of mental health (eg operation of municipal clinics, KEP Health, health education centers, support and rehabilitation centers for people with disabilities, mental health centers, counseling centers for victims of domestic violence and violence against cohabiting persons and prevention centers against addictive substances)
  • The Municipal Clinics practice preventive medicine and preventive controls in groups of the population, keep a medical register of athletes of the Municipality clubs, implement preventive medicine programs in schools and exercise regular pediatric monitoring in the kindergartens of the Municipality.
  • Monitors the operation and cooperates with the Prevention Center of the Municipality, within the program of the 3 Municipalities-Region-OKANA.
  • Provides counseling on issues related to learning problems, aggression, antisocial behavior, as well as family planning, etc.
  • Plans and implements measures for the protection of public health in accordance with the jurisdictions given to the Municipality with the applicable provisions.
  • Regulates various administrative issues related to public health in the area of ​​the Municipality, in accordance with applicable provisions.
  • Operates Clinic for the prevention of predisposing factors.
  • The psychological support counseling station is operational.
  • Implements preventive medicine measures for the employees of the Municipality, in collaboration with the occupational physician.
  • Implements hygiene measures in schools, kindergartens, as well as public health prevention measures (disinfection, rodenticides, control of hygiene conditions of sports facilities, locker rooms, etc.) in collaboration with the Department of Environment of the Municipality.